How to Activate Jio Caller Tune for Free | Set Favourite Song as Your Tune

Jio Tunes: Hai Jiouser! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to activate Free Jio Caller Tune? I hope all you are enjoying  MyJio app and other services in your jio 4g sim. Set any song as Jio caller tune for free on your Jio number. Yes! it is totally free of cost. We have been using India’s top network service Jio from 2015 and offered its unlimited free calls, data and app services to all users. In those free services, setting a caller tune to our Jio number is also one, but only few people Idea about Jio Free CallerTune.  Actually, there are three ways to set your favorite caller tune on your Jio number. Here I am going to explain you about how to set any song as Jio caller tune for free. Scroll down for the step by step process I was explained in this article.

Set Any song as Jio Caller Tune for Free on your Jio number

Set Any song as Jio Caller Tune there are 3 ways to activate your JioTunes

  • From JioMusic Android App
  • Through send a SMS
  • Click Star(*) to copy the other caller tunes

You just need to know these simple steps. Jio Caller Tune Number

How to activate Jio caller Tune

Jio Music Android App

Go to play store applications

Search “JioMusic”

Login to JioMusic App

After login, you will find a list of songs like Top 20, New Release, Radio Stations, Curated Playlists, Trending on Jio, Classical Songs, Music by languages, Devotional, Music for kids, Christian Devotional, Recently added and International New Releases.

Choose one favorite song or Search a song of your choice to set as caller tune

Listen to the preview and set as caller tune by click on three lines right of the song.

One Popup will come, in that list select click on “Set as JioTune”

After selected that you will receive a message “Your JioTune song has been activated.”

From that minute Express your mood with your song of Choice.

Through send a SMS

It is very easy process only 4 Steps

Send a message as “SMS JT” to 56789 from your Jio number. Here JT means “JioTunes.”

Songs Menu received in your inbox, Search and select a song of your choice as caller tune.

Give your consent to activate the service.

Get JioTunes activation SMS.

Star(*) to Copy

Press * to copy JioTune

Give your consent to activate the service

Get JioTunes activation SMS

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